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How to verify if the land title is genuine and authentic
In addition to the visual and physical checking of the title it is also important to verify its authenticity by comparing the original copy of the title against the Certified True Copy which can be secured at the local Registered of Deeds office. Each of the titles has an identical copy filed in the issuing office. On the request form provide the title number and lot number (where to find the numbers are shown in the images below). It is also best to bring a photo copy of the title in case additional information may be needed since procedure may slightly differ between branch offices. In comparing both documents the information shown should be the same in verbatim. Any discrepancies in the entries of information should raise a red flag on the authenticity of the document. There are usually 2 pages in a title document, a 3rd page or more will be included if there are several encumbrances or liens entered in the registry. Among the information shown on the title, there are four items (as shown on the images below) should be checked as priority since it is an important ID reference to the document. The following as shown below: 1. Title Number, 2. Lot number 3. Name of owner/s 4. Lot area.
Below is a sample copy of a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of a land title.
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